Toasting etiquette has evolved

Toasting etiquetteHow times have changed! We came across an old etiquette guide from the 19th century called Dunbar’s Complete Handbook of Etiquette. In that era, toasting etiquette didn’t allow women to make toasts.

Here’s an excerpt:

Before the ‘healths’ (toasts) are drunk, the wedding cake should be cut and handed round.

The order of the healths is as follows:

The oldest friend of the family proposes the health of the bride and bridegroom.

The bridegroom returns thanks for himself and wife, and proposes the health of the bridesmaids.

The “best man” returns thanks for the bridesmaids.

The same old friend, or another, proposes the health of the bride’s parents.

The father of the bride returns thanks, and proposes the health of the bridegroom’s parents.

The bridegroom’s father returns thanks.

Toasting etiquette has evolved. Today, it is inclusive. The maid of honor and the bride might each make a toast. Here’s the key: it’s your call. You decide who you want to make toasts at your Fayetteville wedding celebration. Inform them in advance of your invitation to make a wedding toast. Let them know how long their toast should run.

Five Star Entertainment recommends that they keep it concise, perhaps a few minutes or so.

How do you give a good toast?

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All-male toasting is so yesterday! Modern toasting etiquette is so much better. But do you know what never goes out of style? A well-written, well-delivered toast. So we highly recommend you share our blogposts above with those you’ve chosen to make a toast at your wedding.

And when that time comes, our MC will introduce your toasters with professional flair!