A wedding cake can be a work of art, a gleaming monument to the beauty of your love. Or it can crash and burn, immortalized in YouTube infamy for eternity (see video above). The first question most couples have is: how much does a wedding cake cost?

According a survey of 12,000 recently married couples by The Knot, the average wedding cake cost is $540.

Two out of three couples went with professional cake designers/bakers. But the rest either went with an amateur baker or simply didn’t have a cake at all.

Bakers price wedding cakes by the slice. Typical slices range from $1.50 to $12 each. Since slices tend to be overly generous, budget-conscience couples frequently serve half-slices. Not a bad idea, since we see so much uneaten cake at wedding receptions.

So if you’re going to invite three-hundred guests, maybe you can go with 150 slices. Talk with your baker to see what’s right for your affair.

Back to the video above. Wedding cake disasters abound on YouTube. As funny as they may seem when it’s a stranger’s wedding, it is disruptive and humiliating when it’s your own. That’s why it pays to go with an experienced, professional wedding cake baker/decorator. They know how to design beautiful cakes that don’t collapse at an inopportune moment.

One more thing: don’t smash a piece of cake into your beloved’s face. Tacky. Conduct your cake cutting with class!

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