Mixed weddings require customization

mixed weddingsMarriages are more mixed than ever. The Knot tells us that 51% of couples marry someone with a different background, whether of a different race, religion, ethnicity, or geographic area.

The Pew Research Center studies marriage trends. They learned that in 2015 forty percent of marriages were between interfaith couples compared to just nineteen percent in 1960.

By the same token, research by Pew showed that 15.1% of all new marriages in the U.S. were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity as of 2010.

Get creative!

Creative customization opportunities abound when weddings are mixed. It’s not surprising that the word ‘customize’ is an American creation. The word was born in the 1920s as immigrants from around the world poured into the U.S., creating a melting pot of new customs.

So wedding customization is nothing more than building on tradition and creatively blending customs to the individual specifications of the couple.

Top cultural ceremony traditions according to The Knot

  1. Religious reading
  2. Ceremony held in  a religious institution
  3. Lighting of a unity candle
  4. Sand pouring ceremony
  5. Breaking the glass

As The Knot points out, DJs and wedding planners are key players in helping you create a totally unique, customized celebration to honor your cultural traditions. In fact, 38% of couples incorporate cultural, ethnic, and religious elements into their ceremony.

However, couples still overwhelmingly honor good old standby traditions. For example, nine out of ten couples use a first dance ceremony. Eighty-two percent go with a cake-cutting ceremony at their receptions.

Customized music is often an important element in mixed weddings

Five Star Entertainment plays a key role in customization plans for mixed weddings. We offer customized music to honor your ethnic customs for both your ceremony and reception. If we don’t have a unique piece of music, we’ll get it. Even more, we’ll MC your event to announce key elements of your customized celebration at just the right time. We’ll control the flow of your event like a maestro conducting a symphony.

We can even incorporate beautiful decor lighting and photo booth to build on your creative vision.

Whether yours’ is a mixed wedding or not, Five Star Entertainment offers flexible planning, creative thinking, and customization to create a celebration that is uniquely you.