The top two wedding day traditions

wedding day traditionsIn times of change, one thing won’t change: people will keep getting married, and wedding day traditions will continue.

As large scale weddings resumed, two wedding day traditions returned to the forefront, according to a WeddingWire survey.

Flower girls go all the way back to ancient Rome

One is the use of flower girls and ring bearers, an element used by 60% of couples at their wedding ceremonies. The tradition extends all the way back to ancient Rome, as it symbolizes the bride’s transformation from a child to an adult. According to Reader’s Digest:

“This tradition originally began in Ancient Rome. During that time most marriages were arranged and the main purpose of the marriage was to have children to carry on the family name. Therefore, fertility was a concern for the newlyweds. Back then only youth would attend to the bride, so a young girl would walk down the aisle before the bride carrying wheat and herbs.”

Needless to say, flowers have replaced wheat and herbs since those days, a nice improvement don’t you think?

Brides used to be ‘bought’

The other top wedding day tradition is the couple-performed first dance, used by 91% of couples, according to 25,000 surveyed couples.

This tradition was born in an era when brides were actually ‘bought’ from their fathers. The first dance served as a sort of fertility ceremony. By the early 20th century, though, the tradition had changed. According to America’s top arbiter of etiquette, Emily Post, the newly married couple were supposed to wait until their wedding guests had begun dancing.

Today, it’s the other way around once again

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