Don’t mistreat single friends at your wedding

don't mistreat your single friendsRita and Ruby didn’t know each other. The only thing they had in common was their common friend, Ramona, who invited them to attend her wedding. Ramona made a tactical error and seated them together at the ‘singles table.’ Bad move, according to Brides Magazine: don’t mistreat single friends at on your wedding day.

Brides Magazine encourages sensitive couples to create a seating chart  that seats people according to shared interests rather than marital status. It’s a common mistake, but a mistake indeed, to throw all single people together at one table, says Brides.

Besides, Rita is 65 and Ruby is 25. They don’t have much in common.

Rita enjoys Sinatra music while Ruby is a Lady Gaga fan.

Rita’s hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be while Ruby’s is perfect. So when the music kicked in, Rita couldn’t hear any of the conversations at her table over the music. She really felt isolated and couldn’t wait to leave. This is another common mistake made by most couples planning their wedding, according to Brides: “you forget about the volume of the music.”

You need controlled, clear sound

This is where Five Star Entertainment comes in for Fayetteville couples. Our equipment is just plain better. Here’s the key: the sound is crystal clear, but the volume is controlled so people can still talk. You’ve probably been to weddings before where a DJ or a friend of the groom sets up equipment and blasts out muddy sounding music. Ouch!

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it won’t be that way with us. The Rita’s of the world can actually enjoy the music without having their conversations being drowned out.

And with us, we can customize the entertainment so there’s something for everybody. For example, if Rita likes Sinatra and Ruby likes Lady Gaga, we can split the difference with a song like this!

Photo booth makes your event even better

To sweeten the fun even more, we offer photo booth which gets everybody out of their seats. When they’re not dancing, they’re in the photo booth. What a great way to involve your single guests in the fun by connecting them with people with whom they have shared interests. Watch them end up in the photo booth getting their pic taken together to remember a fabulously fun event.

Listen to Brides Magazine: don’t mistreat your single guests, and don’t forget about the volume of your music.

With Five Star Entertainment, you’ll enjoy controlled, beautiful sound, professional MCing, and photo booth. Learn more without obligation today!