The 5th most common wedding planning mistake

wedding planning mistake compiled a list of 50 mistakes brides always make. The fifth most common wedding planning mistake is ruling out the use of a wedding planner altogether.

If you’ve spent much time looking through wedding planning guides, you quickly see that couples have well-over one thousand decisions to make to plan a sprawling event like a wedding.

Each decision takes time and can cause stress.

The magnitude of such an undertaking demands organizational skills, discipline, and clear-thinking. Even a seasoned CPA can find such an undertaking daunting!

That’s why encourages couples to consider the use of a wedding planner, even if it’s only for a day or week. Some readers have also heard of wedding ‘coordinators’ and wonder what is the difference between that and a wedding ‘planner’.

Wedding planners execute your vision. They have cultivated relationships with reliable wedding professionals and will negotiate contracts for you. They help with logistics and budgeting. Some even offer design services.

By contrast, a wedding coordinator comes later in the process and helps to execute your logistics. They are hands-on the day of your wedding, coordinating with vendors and handling critical details so you’re liberated to simply enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding coordinators are perfect if you want to handle the front-end planning yourself, but not the crushing last-minute details of your wedding day. Some couples employ their services the entire week leading up to the wedding day. says couples use a wedding coordinator for up to 25 hours, compared to 80 to 250 hours for a wedding planner.

Which is right for you?

Not all couples have a big enough budget for either. If that’s the case, you’ll love our online planning tools for clients which help simplify your planning process and help you avoid a wedding planning mistake.

Even more, Five Star Entertainment coordinates details with your vendors on the day of your Fayetteville wedding to be sure everyone operates on the same timeline at your wedding reception.

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