Don’t forget to feed your wedding vendors!

feed your wedding vendorsSeating was going to be tight at Nick and Theresa’s wedding reception. The venue was just big enough to accommodate their guest list. As guests began to flood in to the hall, the couple realized they had forgotten a fundamental courtesy: you’re supposed to feed your wedding vendors!

What made it worse is that their band took it upon themselves to ask the caterer for meals. They grabbed a guest table right in the middle of the venue. When Theresa and Nick entered, all they could see was the band gobbling down the beef tenderloin and parsley potatoes like death row inmates devouring their last meal. Oh and they saw guests standing in the wings looking for a place to seat, as their table had been absconded by the band.


Your wedding vendors work hard. And yes, you need to feed your wedding vendors, so plan for it. Bride Magazine says this is the 13th most common mistakes planning a wedding.

Typically you should feed the vendors who will be on their feet throughout the event, such as your photographer, videographer, DJ, band, wedding planner, photo booth attendants, bartenders, and assistants to any of the above.

Ask your caterer if they provide discounts for feeding these vendors to hold down your expense. Many do.

Earmark a table for vendors

By the same token, plan on a table or two earmarked for vendors if your venue has space. If not, set them up in a side room, although vendors, such as photographers and videographers, prefer to keep the wedding couple in view so they don’t miss key photo ops.

Your wedding vendors work hard. You’ll find they are more creative and energetic when well-nourished, so don’t forget to feed your wedding vendors! Five Star Entertainment brings energy and sophistication to your Fayetteville wedding. Learn more today without obligation: 1-910-323-2409.