How to set your wedding entertainment budget

wedding entertainment budgerBudgeting is tricky. If you spend too much on one wedding service at the expense of another, your event will be out of balance. For example, if you provide a lavish meal, but no entertainment, everyone will be bored by the time they finish dessert. Your wedding entertainment budget needs careful consideration.

Wedding celebrations should be fun. That’s why anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows: entertainment makes the event.

You need to consider three variables when budgeting your wedding entertainment.


The best Fayetteville weddings are tailored to the style of the wedding couple, especially the music. Most couples have strong feelings on their favorite songs. Most prefer the sound of the original artist, which is why wedding DJs like Five Star Entertainment offers are more popular than any local band. We can play the versions of your favorite songs you like best.

2. The look

A wedding DJ like Five Star Entertainment offers lighting design to create moods that mirror the style of the music being played. This palette of light electrifies your guests and makes a dance floor simply irresistible. Lighting is a fraction of a wedding entertainment budget, but so worth it. Plus photographers and videographers love the creative opportunity of capturing your memories in such a sumptuous lighting environment.

3. Guest experience

As the size of weddings declines due to longterm wedding trends and the recent pandemic, the desire to enhance the quality of the guest experience is on the rise. Keep this in mind as you set your wedding budget. That’s why photo booth is more popular than ever. It is easy to social distance while doubling the fun of your event.

The Knot says the typical wedding entertainment budget sets aside ten percent of the total budget to accommodate these 3 key ingredients of a successful wedding celebration.

Five Star Entertainment offers each. Learn about each on this website. But first, check to be sure we are available! We’re experiencing an epic surge of weddings, and popular dates are getting snapped up.