Dancing for Dummies

Dancing for dummies

God didn’t create all dancers equally. Some of us have natural rhythm. Some of us don’t. For those who don’t, you can’t avoid the dance floor forever, especially when it’s your wedding day. We found a nice video tutorial that makes dancing for dummies (no disrespect intended) easy:

We’ve covered the subject in the past with a focus on the two-step and a ballroom approach to the dance step.

In this video, the instructor focuses on simple moves when you’re not actually holding your dance partner, with an emphasis on rhythm.

Some people try to overthink the dance move, so this instructor really makes it easy.

For starters, simply use a two-count. Although more advanced choreography typically involves an eight-count, two is all you need to concentrate on if you are a poster child for dancing for dummies. (We’re having fun with this phrase, but the truth is, you’re not alone. Many people are scared of the dance floor, because they don’t have natural moves.)

The instructor goes on to tell you to simply move a single body part as you dance to the song, whether it’s your:

  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Torso
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Hands, or
  • Head

Watch this video and work on a few moves. As your confidence grows, you’ll find you involve additional moves by combining a few body parts.

Again, some people simply get it. It all comes naturally. They simply don’t understand that a lot of folks have to work a little harder at it.

Now here’s the real good news. Five Star Entertainment knows how to pack dance floors. No one will even notice your dancing style most of the time. And dancing is so much fun when all your friends and family are on the dance floor with you.

Spend a little time with this video and you’ll be set to go. The next step? Contact us to see if we’re available. Happy dancing!