The celebrity wedding crasher epidemic continues!

Will it never end! The celebrity wedding crasher epidemic has reached a fevered pitch. Former presidents, country singers, actors, and comedians continue to barge into the wedding celebrations of unsuspecting couples.

Will you be next?

Tim McGraw seems like a nice, sensible country western singer. And yet watch how he sneaks onto the stage at this couple’s wedding to sing, “My Little Girl.”

Really, Tim! Does a guy with ten number one country albums really need the lime light that bad?

And what about Kevin Hart and Josh Gad? These hotshot actors waltzed right into an unsuspecting couples wedding celebration and took over. Watch:

It’s not as if they’ve never been in the spotlight before!

Even former president, Barack Obama, got in the act at a country club wedding!

Even one of the warmest, fuzziest singers around, Ed Sheeran, got into the act! In Ed’s defense, though, he was invited by a radio station who bought the deserving couple a nice wedding celebration.

Watch Ed in action:

As we’ve written before, everyone would love to have a celebrity show up at their wedding. It just seems to happen a lot!

In case a celebrity doesn’t show up at your Fayetteville wedding, Five Star Entertainment can compensate by playing your favorite music by your favorite artist on ridiculously high-end equipment with clear, controlled sound.

Speaking of Ed Sheeran, he covered one of Elvis’ best wedding songs, “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” An earlier blogpost highlighted some of the versions around. What do you think of Ed’s take on this classic?