Mixed weddings require customization

mixed weddings

Marriages are more mixed than ever. The Knot tells us that 51% of couples marry someone with a different background, whether of a different race, religion, ethnicity, or geographic area. The Pew Research Center studies marriage trends. They learned that in 2015 forty percent of marriages were between interfaith couples compared to just nineteen percent…

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Wedding vows that matter

wedding vows that matter

If you’re engaged or considering marriage, this is a good time to home in on what’s important when it comes to the marriage covenant, because you will be called upon to publicly state what it means to you during your wedding vows. You and your betrothed need to be ready to express wedding vows that…

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How to avoid wedding gown nightmares caused by supply chain disruptions

wedding gown nightmares

Let’s face it, last year’s national shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect wedding plans. Time will tell if disruptions continue into next year. But one thing is for sure, wedding gown nightmares are going to be with us for awhile. Here’s the problem: eighty percent of wedding gowns purchased in the U.S.…

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The top two wedding day traditions

wedding day traditions

In times of change, one thing won’t change: people will keep getting married, and wedding day traditions will continue. As large scale weddings resumed, two wedding day traditions returned to the forefront, according to a WeddingWire survey. Flower girls go all the way back to ancient Rome One is the use of flower girls and…

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Marriage is about to get better

new era of marriage

The year of the Coronavirus crisis will usher in a new era of marriage. If you’ve been contemplating marriage, this is the time to act. If you’re already engaged and plans were disrupted by last year’s lockdown, don’t give up the ship. This disruption will make your pending marriage better, even if you have to…

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