The King of the wedding song

the King of the wedding song

Five Star Entertainment marvels at the eclectic musical tastes of Millennials and Gen Xers. At Fayetteville weddings, we get requests for first dance songs recorded last year to songs recorded last century. There is little doubt as to whom the King of the wedding song is: Nat “King” Cole Whether you know his name, you…

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Top country love songs for weddings

Top Country love songs for weddings

Consumer data shows that country music is the third most popular music genre. Just about half of all music listeners say they listen to country music. Only rock and pop are more popular. Perhaps that’s why these top country love songs for weddings keep getting requested as first dance songs. “I will always love you”…

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Don’t forget to feed your wedding vendors!

feed your wedding vendors

Seating was going to be tight at Nick and Theresa’s wedding reception. The venue was just big enough to accommodate their guest list. As guests began to flood in to the hall, the couple realized they had forgotten a fundamental courtesy: you’re supposed to feed your wedding vendors! What made it worse is that their…

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Timeless love songs CREATE love

timeless love songs

Couples planning their wedding celebration spend a fair amount of time determining their first dance song. For some couples, it’s obvious. That special song was a part of their journey from the start of their relationship. For others, the song they select for their first dance becomes “their song.” So let’s look at the art…

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