Is cash crass?

Should a wedding invitation be viewed as an invoice? Of course not, but it’s hard to think otherwise when couples ask for cash wedding gifts instead of traditional, tangible gifts like china, toasters, and bath towels.

Some wedding couples grouse that their cost per wedding guest is x dollars each, so the gift they receive in return should be at least that much, and probably much more. But this kind of transactional thinking is certainly at odds with what a wedding is all about.

A wedding is a milestone in life, one that is meant to be shared with the most important people in your life. It involves vows, public declarations of love, a feast, and dancing.

Don’t compromise your wedding

You’ll compromise the spirit of your affair if you become too cash focused. Take the recent letter to syndicated advice and etiquette guru, Miss Manners. A mom wrote in about her daughter’s impending big wedding, for which the daughter and partner are paying for themselves. The mom wrote that:

“She posted on the wedding website that she and her fiancé will return or resell any wedding gifts they receive for cash. She had already announced that they prefer cash gifts.”

As you might guess, Miss Manners didn’t approve, suggesting that this approach would “leave guests wary of having anything to do with this wedding.”

Cash wedding gifts are a good way to rub your guests wrong.

Cash wedding gifts are on the rise

But not everyone agrees, and the number of couples requesting cash wedding gifts is on the rise.

Some couples don’t set up a wedding registry. So when guests call asking where they’re registered, they say something like, “you know, we’ve already set up our household and have everything we realistically need. To keep things simple for our guests, we’re suggesting a gift of cash that we’ll use towards our honeymoon.”

The Knot agrees:

“Luckily, asking for cash is no longer taboo. In fact, The Knot Cash Funds are one of the best ways to make the most out of your registry. After all, your guests want to purchase gifts that’ll actually get used—while china serving plates might sit in your cabinet until it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner, monetary donations will likely be spent right away.”

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