Pros and cons of backyard weddings

backyard wedding

Weddings have exploded. In the aftermath of the pandemic, couples are scrambling to find venues for their big day. Many impatient couples don’t want to wait eighteen months until the venue of their choice opens up. That’s why a growing number consider backyard weddings. Pros and Cons Availability. Backyard weddings are much easier to schedule,…

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Top Neil Diamond wedding songs

Neil Diamond wedding songs

Neil Diamond’s illustrious career as a singer/songwriter came to an end with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. But he leaves behind a rich legacy of songs that is nothing short of staggering. If you’re contemplating your first dance song, be sure to consider Neil Diamond wedding songs. Diamond’s resumé is impressive:…

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The difference between Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and Jennifer Lopez’s

Queen Elizabeth's wedding

Most people are fascinated by celebrity and royal weddings. We just blogged on Jennifer Lopez’s wedding last week. With the passing of England’s matriarch, it’s fun to take a look at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. What’s the difference between the Queen’s and Ms. Lopez’s wedding? For one, the Queen spent less…

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What you can learn from ‘Bennifer’s’ celebrity wedding

Bennifer celebrity wedding

Two big stars just married. We’re sure you read all about the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, which has been dubbed ‘Bennifer’s celebrity wedding. Ben + Jennifer = Bennifer. Got it?! Why we love celebrity weddings Celebrity weddings are fun to read about for 3 reasons:  The wedding gown. The budget. The guest…

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