Declining wedding trends

declining wedding trends

The Knot’s Real Weddings Study always provides invaluable insights to couples planning their own wedding. The 2022 survey identified some surprising declining wedding trends. For example, the whole idea of creating a wedding hashtag is plummeting, experiencing a 23% decline over the past half a decade. Handing out wedding favors fell by 21% in the…

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The modern source of wedding stress

wedding stress

Sadly, a lot of couples experience wedding stress when planning their big day. Budget issues historically cause wedding stress. So can the complex dynamic between mother/daughter/mother-in-law, which has reduced many a bride to tears. That’s what makes The Knot’s most recent Real Weddings Study so interesting. Fifty-eight percent of modern couples “felt pressure to plan…

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Stop and smell the roses

stop and smell the roses

The average wedding costs something like $70 to $80 a minute. These numbers, though daunting, are worth it according to couples … as long as you stop and smell the roses. In other words, live in the moment. Savor every minute of your wedding day. Revel in your wonderful guests. Singer/songwriter Mac Davis wrote a…

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Introducing the double wedding proposal

double wedding proposal

Tradition evolves over time, to the chagrin of … well, traditionalists! You may remember the anguish of the milkman, Tevye, in “Fiddler on the Roof” as tradition buckled before his very eyes. Marriages based on mutual love replaced those based on arrangement. Imagine what he would think about an emerging 21st century trend, the double…

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