The joy of an under budget wedding

under budget weddingMost brides and grooms are shell-shocked when all the bills come due from their wedding. Most spent far more than they budgeted. It doesn’t have to be that way. The joy of an under budget wedding can be yours.

Five Star Entertainment has worked with countless brides and grooms (and their parents) throughout the Fayetteville area. Many had regrets when they added up all they spent, because inevitably several thousand dollars of certain expenditures just weren’t worth it.

Be careful with your flower budget

One area that comes up frequently are the flowers. Flowers ARE important to your wedding celebration, because wedding celebrations should be beautiful. Flowers add to the beauty of your day. The rub is simply how many flowers do you need?

For example, some brides lament how much they spent on their centerpieces. Simplify and save if your budget is limited (as are most brides’). Some feel they went way overboard on how many flowers they used to decorate. Flowers add up, so simply think through how many you actually need to complement your style and budget.

Reception food and drink may be half of your budget

However, the key to experiencing an under budget wedding is more likely to be realized if you exercise discretion in the food and drink category. After all, The Knot tells us the reception eats up about half of your wedding budget.

Again, food and drink ARE wonderful ingredients to any wedding celebration in any culture. But, here’s where so many brides tell us they busted their budgets. We especially hear it when they talk about alcohol.

Open bars are budget killers

Open bars can get real expensive and can even lead to problems later in the evening with guests who over-imbibe. Brides have told us time and time again that they wish they had put a cap on their open bar. And many wish they had simply gone with a cash bar. You’ll save a bundle with the latter.

In the food department, think through whether you need a sit down dinner vs. a

under budget wedding

Do you need a wedding cake as fancy as the Duchess of Cambridge’s?

buffet. Think through if you really need those fancy appetizers. Think through if you really need a cake as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge’s.

All of these things are really, really nice. But all of these things are potential obstacles to experiencing the joy of an under budget wedding.

There’s another easy way to come in under budget: select a DJ instead of a band.

Five Star Entertainment can save you money vs. a band

Five Star Entertainment is friends with many excellent bands in the area, and can recommend one if that’s the way you want to go. DJ entertainment will typically save you at least $2000 over a band, and DJ entertainment allows your guests to enjoy their favorite songs by the original artists, which really matters to a whole lot of folks.  With Five Star Entertainment, your entertainment is in great hands!  Five Star Entertainment DJs are consummate professionals and talented MCs. Don’t forget our beautiful lighting options which can transform even a plain space into a palace. Another great way to enjoy an under budget wedding!

Entertainment may only comprise 10% of a typical wedding budget, but it accounts for 90% of the fun. Your guests won’t even notice if you cut back on the flowers, the bar, or the food when they’re having fun, and that’s exactly what wedding entertainment by Five Star Entertainment delivers: affordable wedding entertainment for brides on a budget.