The band played the wrong song!

On their 15th wedding anniversary, Eric and Jenny were reminiscing about their wedding day. And do you know what they remembered most? That the band played the wrong song for the first dance!

Mistakes happen, but this one was a whopper! First dance songs are practically sacred, because they define a romance. They provide lifelong touchstones to the special moments of a relationship.

How in the world could this happen? Lack of planning.

Let’s face it, many, maybe most bands play music as a sideline. They may have day jobs to help pay the bills. That doesn’t mean that they’re not good musicians, because there are no shortage of good bands around. We know many of the them and appreciate their talents.

But wedding entertainment for us is not just a passion, it’s a business. Yes, we’re a Fayetteville DJ entertainment company that specializes in weddings. And we offer obvious advantages over a band. For example, we can play the songs you love by the artists who sang them best.

And we cost half to a third of a band. But even more, we offer planning tools for booked clients to get every detail exactly right BEFORE your wedding day. We are organized and professional, a company you can depend on, because we’ve played at tons of weddings, far more than any band around.

So back to Eric and Jenny. What was supposed to be their first dance song? “January Wedding” by the Avett Brothers, a folk rock band from North Carolina. We posted it above. Take a listen.

We love bands. But if you appreciate the significant benefits of going with a professional wedding entertainment company like Five Star Entertainment, check out this website and then check out our availability here. Take advantage of our experience. You can’t find it anywhere else.