Wedding movies keep coming!

Hollywood never gets tired of making wedding movies. The latest one is called, “Irish Wish,” starring Lindsay Lohan and Ed Speleers of Downton Abby fame. You’ll find it streaming at Netflix.

The movie dives into themes of unrequited love and careful-what-you-wish-for plot gyrations that, of course, are totally predictable. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if the cast, script and direction all gel.

Rotten Tomatoes only gives it an audience score of 43%. Reviews were split:

Linda Holmes of NPR wrote: “I really thought this was super charming.”

Alonso Duraled, Breakfast All Day: “You’ve got a very charming Lohan, some lovely Irish scenery, and a Hallmark plot. And if that’s what you’re here for, you’ll get it.

Matt Neal, Movies Ate My Life: “Destined to become a rainy hungover Sunday go-to for those who desire a brain-off buzz. And that is all.”

Rafer Guzman, Newsday: “A bargain-basement romcom that does its star no favors.”

Eddie Harrison, “… a solid entry in the file that links Netflix audiences to fans of cheesy, whimsical Hallmark movies … deserves a pass for ticking the cheerful, jolly, silly boxes in its chosen category with some skill.”

The plot: Lohan’s character (Maddie Kelly) falls in love with a dashing author (Alexander Vlahos, of Outlander fame) with whom she works, only to have him fall in love with her best friend. Ouch. She flies to Ireland to attend the couple’s wedding. There she makes a wish on a magic stone, and a little magic happens.

The reviewers above capture the essence of the film, especially Alonso Duraled’s assessment of Irish Wish.

It’s fun and predictable. Lohan is fetching, and she and Speleers have great chemistry together. And Netflix is just getting warmed up. They’ve got a new wedding movie in the works called, “Mother of the Bride,” starring Brooke Shields.

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