At last! A perfect first dance song for you

Everybody loves the song, “At Last.” Based on the number of times it is requested at weddings, it may be the perfect first dance song for you.

We put together a list of the top ten perfect first dance songs a while back, and so did The Knot. We both ranked this great song by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren high up on the list.

It’s hard to believe it was written 77 years ago for a movie called “Sun Valley Serenade.” The movie may not have been that memorable, but the song sure was.

A sign of a good song

A sign of a good song is one that the top singers of the day are still singing it. This creates wonderful opportunities for you at your wedding reception, because you have rich choices. If you are as enthralled by these lyrics as so many other couples are …

At Last my love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

Ohh yeah, yeah

At Last the skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clover

The night I looked at you.

I found a dream, that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

I found a thrill to rest my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

Ohh yeah, yeah

You smile

You smile

And then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine

At Last

… then “At Last” may be the perfect first dance song for you.

Select the version you like

With Five Star Entertainment, you can select the version you like.

Is it Cyndi Lauper’s version?

How about Celine’s?

How about Nat’s?

Aretha sure knows how to put passion into this great song:

Beyoncé hits it out of the park:

But if any singer defined the power of this song, it was surely the late, great Etta James. Her earthy, soulful rendition is still the one most couples request. But, that’s the beauty of DJ entertainment: we can provide you with the perfect first dance song, whether it’s Etta, Beyonce, or Celine’s version.

Do you know what else is great about this song? It’s short. That takes the pressure off you, and allows us to get your guests onto the dance floor all the faster.

Five Star Entertainment offers you simply exquisite sound equipment that presents these timeless songs with clarity and controlled volume. Our MCs know how to set up your first dance with perfect timing. And when your first dance is through, watch our DJ pack your dance floor.

Looking for the perfect first dance song? We’ve got everything you need!