Read this only if you have two left feet

There are two types of people in the world: those with natural rhythm, and those without. Those without sometimes THINK they are God’s gift to the dance floor when they … are … NOT. They desperately need the box step.

Actor Kevin James unwittingly displays the pitfalls of “free form” dancing in this hilarious scene from “Hitch” with Will Smith:

If you are a person who falls into the no-rhythm category, we are going to get you fixed up in about 100 seconds.

If you are a person who is terrified of your upcoming first dance on your wedding day, fear not. You simply need to learn a single, magnificent dance move called the box step. And it’s easy.

This timeless wonder works whether you’re dancing to a rumba, a cha cha cha or a waltz.

The video below spells it out for you in a simple step-by-step process. Watch it and practice, practice, practice.


You don’t have to look like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Michael Jackson or a Jennifer Lopez on the dance floor. Just learn the box step.  Practice until you’re confident with it.

Those born without natural rhythm can be taught to dance competently, and this video is an excellent starting point.

When it comes time for your Fayetteville wedding celebration, Five Star Entertainment knows how to pack the dance floor, so even if you dance like Kevin James, no one will ever notice. Trust me. Everyone will be having too much fun!

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