How a wedding ceremony works

anatomy of a wedding ceremonyReligion, customs, and style will mold your Fayetteville wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, most ceremonies feature fairly typical elements. Let’s look at the anatomy of a wedding ceremony.

The Anatomy of a Wedding Ceremony

Prelude music: Nice, soft music is typically played while your guests are seated. Many couples hire live musicians to play romantic, classical music. A growing number use a DJ (like us) for higher quality sound and greater flexibility in the music played.

Pre-processional ceremony: This is when the mothers are seated. It’s nice to play special music for this tender moment.

The procession: Bridesmaids process in to lovely music, followed by the bride, often times to her own music. Again, a DJ gives you more flexibility in the music you’re able to play at such a dramatic moment in your life.

Opening remarks by the officiant: He/she welcomes the audience and tells why people have gathered.

Officiant addresses you: His/her words depend on whether the ceremony is religious or not. The officiant will remind you of the magnitude of the vows you will soon make and the responsibilities it entails. He/she may broaden the remarks to include the witnesses present and their role in providing support to you and your betrothed in years to come.

The vows:  What a pivotal a moment in your life! Traditional couples may use traditional vows. A growing number write their own.

Exchange of rings: Couples traditionally say, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

The pronouncement of the union: The deed is done! Tradition has it that the officiant says, “I now pronounce you …”

The kiss: Everyone is united in this grand moment. Savor it.

Closing remarks: The officiant brings the ceremony to a close and cues the final music.

The recessional: Grand music plays while you exit. This is a triumphant moment, and the music should express it.

You may use additional elements

Needless to say, additional elements are often used depending on the religious nature of your ceremony. But the bare-bone elements above are almost always present whether a ceremony is religious or secular.

You’ll note that music plays a key role in your ceremony, just as it does in your wedding reception. Five Star Entertainment provides a full range of ceremony music as well as dance-floor packing reception music.

Far too many churches, halls, and outdoor locations have inadequate sound reinforcement for a ceremony when hearing the spoken word and beautiful music is so imperative. With us, you have no worries, because our sound is crystal clear with exactly the perfect amount of amplification.

Regardless of the anatomy of your wedding ceremony, you can count on us for the perfect sound.