Wedding toast experts reveal wedding toast secrets

wedding toast expertsIs there a single secret to giving a memorable wedding toast? Not really. In fact, wedding toast experts Marissa Polansky and Kristine Keller lay out six steps to knocking it out of the park when your opportunity to make a wedding toast comes along.

They are founders of Speech Tank, specializing in writing one-of-a-kind speeches for any occasion. They laid out the six basic steps to giving a great wedding toast in Brides Magazine:

1. Congratulate the couple. This is a natural starting point and immediately unifies the entire assembly of guests with you and the couple.

2. Introduce yourself. Provide a concise backstory on your relationship with the bride and/or groom.

3. Tell a (curated) story. In other words, develop a theme and share an anecdote that builds on the theme.

4.  Address both partners. If you don’t know one of the partners well, don’t ignore him/her, but rather be inclusive in your delivery. An easy way to do so is to share a positive attribute of your friend with his/her new spouse to demonstrate what a great partner they’ll make.

5. Go for the crowd-pleasers. Avoid inside jokes. You want to appeal to your entire audience, not just a select few.

6.  Raise your glass for a toast. This is the final key element to unifying your audience. It can be as simple as saying these timeless words: “Will you raise your glass and join me in toasting our new couple, [names]!”


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