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Bennifer celebrity wedding

What you can learn from ‘Bennifer’s’ celebrity wedding

By fivestarentertainment | September 5, 2022

Two big stars just married. We’re sure you read all about the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, which has been dubbed ‘Bennifer’s celebrity wedding. Ben + Jennifer = Bennifer. Got it?! Why we love celebrity weddings Celebrity weddings are fun to read about for 3 reasons:  The wedding gown. The budget. The guest…

destination weddings love/hate

Your guests have a love/hate relationship with destination weddings

By fivestarentertainment | August 29, 2022

Destination weddings generate intense reactions from your guests. Be wary if you’re contemplating such a move. The Wall Street Journal ran a big piece on Saturday (“Is it time to ditch destination weddings?”) from two perspectives which fleshed out the love/hate nature of inviting your friends and family to attend a destination wedding. Nightmarish logistics A destination…

crazy wedding trivia

A little crazy wedding trivia

By fivestarentertainment | August 22, 2022

The institution of marriage is endlessly fascinating. Many modern wedding customs have their roots in traditions established hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Lavish sums are spent to celebrate this most sacred of institutions. Here’s a little crazy wedding trivia to brighten your day, which we present in a question and answer format. Answers appear…

Is air travel safe for honeymooners?

Is air travel safe for honeymooners?

By fivestarentertainment | August 15, 2022

The pandemic of 2020 disrupted wedding and honeymoon plans for thousands of couples. Many wonder if air travel is safe in light of COVID-19? No one wants to to pick up the virus nor spread it. So is air travel safe for honeymooners? MIT Medical paints a rosy picture MIT Medical says the air quality…

Budget apps for engaged couples

Budget apps for engaged couples

By fivestarentertainment | August 8, 2022

Money is a big deal for most engaged couples. Few have enough of it! As a result, typical wedding budgets are limited. And after the wedding, finances are the biggest source of friction in a marriage. Thanks to some pretty cool budget apps for engaged couples, you can take control of your finances and reduce…

dancing for dummies

Dancing for Dummies

By fivestarentertainment | August 1, 2022

God didn’t create all dancers equally. Some of us have natural rhythm. Some of us don’t. For those who don’t, you can’t avoid the dance floor forever, especially when it’s your wedding day. We found a nice video tutorial that makes dancing for dummies (no disrespect intended) easy: We’ve covered the subject in the past…

Broadway songs

Consider Broadway songs for your first dance

By fivestarentertainment | July 25, 2022

Music is a wonderful thing. Contemporary couples have access to a staggering library of enticing songs for their first wedding dance. Sometimes we forget that certain categories of songs offer tremendous options, such as great Broadway songs. If you’re looking for passion, try a Stephen Sondheim song from his aptly named 1994 musical, “Passion.” The…

Princess Di’s wedding

The difference between Princess Di’s wedding and yours

By fivestarentertainment | July 18, 2022

Princess Diana is back in the news, even though she died more than two decades ago. Netflix created a wildly popular series called “The Crown,” and Princess Di’s wedding to Prince Charles is one of the plot lines in season four. Let’s face it, Princess Diana has hardly ever been out of the news since…

wedding entertainment budger

How to set your wedding entertainment budget

By fivestarentertainment | July 11, 2022

Budgeting is tricky. If you spend too much on one wedding service at the expense of another, your event will be out of balance. For example, if you provide a lavish meal, but no entertainment, everyone will be bored by the time they finish dessert. Your wedding entertainment budget needs careful consideration. Wedding celebrations should…

long-winded wedding toast

How to give a long-winded wedding toast

By fivestarentertainment | July 4, 2022

Have you ever attended a wedding where the toast went on and on and on? Most of us have. It is painful to watch. So how do you give a long-winded wedding toast? You don’t. They’re hard to pull off. Believe me, you never want to flub a toast, because as Paul Dickson said in…