Dumb bachelor party ideas

dumb bachelor party ideasUse some common sense when planning your bachelor party. There are some really dumb bachelor party ideas that are wrought with pitfalls.

Bachelor parties date back 2500 years ago to ancient Sparta where soldiers would raise a chalice the night before the wedding to toast their comrade as he passed from bachelorhood to marriage.

Modern American bachelor parties date back a century as men joined together to celebrate their friend’s pending marriage. But the free ’n easy 1960s ushered in an expectation of debauchery in some circles, providing fodder for a spate of movies on the subject. Perhaps the most notorious: The Hangover:

According to Zillow, the average bachelor party costs $1532 if it involves travel, but half that without travel.

So what are some dumb bachelor party ideas?

  • Planning the bachelor party the night before the wedding, for obvious reasons.
  • Along those lines, don’t force people to knock back shots, and just don’t over-imbibe, especially if guests are driving.
  • Hiring strippers, and even more, allowing them to provide lap dances. Debauchery is thankfully in decline over the past decade, and 4 out of 5 men oppose it.
  • Kidnapping the groom. Some guys thought this would be a great prank to pull on their engaged buddy, until the neighbors called the cops when they them saw them dragging their blindfolded buddy out of the house.
  • Filming the bachelor party. Let’s face it, guys let their hair down at bachelor parties and act silly. Don’t record it.
  • Making yours an open-invitation party. Don’t do it. You’ll lose control of your guest list … and your budget.

For more dumb ideas, simply watch any one of the many bachelor party movies, beginning with The Hangover.

A bachelor party should be a celebration, not an excuse for debauchery. By the same token, your wedding day is the ultimate celebration. And music is a key ingredient. For the ultimate in wedding music and fun, Five Star Entertainment offers the three pillars of wedding entertainment: music, lighting, and photo booth. Check on our availability today.