The wedding non-trend

wedding non-trend

Bridgerton weddings are a thing

It’s really fun to read the bridal magazines about the latest wedding trends. Bet you’ve never seen one on the ‘wedding non-trend!’ More on it shortly.

The Wedding Forward website points out that “Bridgerton-inspired weddings” are going to be a thing. Did you watch Bridgerton on Netflix? It was a huge hit featuring Prussian blue tones, puffed sleeves, and bows. A natural trend!

And Wedding Forward says another trend is very individualized attire. In other words, tradition is out.

Even more, two piece wedding dresses are gaining in popularity, because they make it so easy for brides to “transition their look from the ceremony to the reception with very little effort.”

They tell us that rust wedding colors are in. Earthy is trending, the bohemian style is in.

And as we touched on last week, backyard weddings are in.

So what exactly is the wedding non-trend nobody is talking about? Simple: entertainment makes the event. Rust colors and the Bridgerton look are fun, but they’re simply passing fancies.

Timeless fun is built on a foundation of great music and packed dance floors … which is exactly what Five Star Entertainment specializes in.

We have the experienced DJ/MCs who know how to propel a party according to your music preferences. We can pack a dance floor, which is the kind of fun people remember years later. And we offer decor lighting that complements the color trends of the moment.

For good measure, we offer photo booths, a timeless way to show your guests a good time. As you sort through the trends of the moment, be sure to prioritize the entertainment. Couples are booking us further out because popular dates are getting snatched up.