How to double your wedding entertainment budget without spending a penny more

wedding entertainment budget

The Knot interviewed 15,000 couples as part of their Real Wedding Study to determine how much couples really spend on weddings. They learned that a band costs these couples about 3.5 times MORE than a top notch DJ (like us). So if you want to get more bang for the buck at your wedding celebration,…

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How to find good wedding vendors

How to find good wedding vendors

Guess how many vendors the average couple hire for their wedding celebration? Fourteen. It can be a daunting task to find just the right ones for your unique wedding party. So how do you find good wedding vendors? Ask us … or ask other vendors. Typical couples begin searching for venues early in the planning…

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The Advantage of a Last-Minute Wedding

last-minute wedding

Conventional wisdom states that couples should begin planning their weddings at least a year in advance of their wedding date. It makes good sense, and most people reading this blogpost should abide by it. But there IS a case for a last-minute wedding. Readers of this blog notice that we frequently say that popular wedding…

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How to handle kids at your wedding

kids wedding policy

It’s going to be an issue at your wedding: do you allow children to attend … or not? The key is to establish a consistent kids wedding policy on the front end of your planning process. You have four clear options: OPTION #1 Anything goes. Let the little children come! You may have lots of…

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Don’t schedule your wedding on this day

wedding blackout dates

Wedding planning begins with locking in a date. Be sure to avoid wedding blackout dates, you know, those dates where conflicts may affect who can attend. For example, it might not be a good idea to plan your wedding on Super Sunday. The Super Bowl is the highest rated television event of the year. According…

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A good wedding DJ really does so much more than play music

Fayetteville DJ

Many engaged couples don’t realize all of the things that a good wedding DJ does to ensure and enhance the success of a wedding celebration. Sure, playing great music is part of it, but it’s just a slice of our overall responsibilities. For example, weddings have timelines. A good DJ enforces the timeline so that…

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The wedding one-two punch that never fails

coronavirus impact

We continue to scour the national wedding scene for trends. The big trend is to be different. Many couples, especially on the coasts, seek out increasingly exotic ways to entertain their guests. The latest ideas include Fire Shows and Live Wedding Painting. Five Star Entertainment presents the wedding one-two punch that never fails to entertain: DJ…

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The wedding non-trend

wedding non-trend

It’s really fun to read the bridal magazines about the latest wedding trends. Bet you’ve never seen one on the ‘wedding non-trend!’ More on it shortly. The Wedding Forward website points out that “Bridgerton-inspired weddings” are going to be a thing. Did you watch Bridgerton on Netflix? It was a huge hit featuring Prussian blue…

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Your guests have a love/hate relationship with destination weddings

destination weddings love/hate

Destination weddings generate intense reactions from your guests. Be wary if you’re contemplating such a move. The Wall Street Journal ran a big piece on Saturday (“Is it time to ditch destination weddings?”) from two perspectives which fleshed out the love/hate nature of inviting your friends and family to attend a destination wedding. Nightmarish logistics A destination…

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Pros and Cons of a tented wedding

tented wedding

The pandemic required creative thinking when planning weddings. We know that people need human contact, and that weddings are the best way to fulfill that need. That’s why tented weddings gained in popularity in the post-pandemic era. Let’s examine the pro and cons. PRO: Outdoor events are safer. Multiple studies confirm that it is much…

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