The wedding one-two punch that never fails

Photo BoothWe continue to scour the national wedding scene for trends. The big trend is to be different. Many couples, especially on the coasts, seek out increasingly exotic ways to entertain their guests. The latest ideas include Fire Shows and Live Wedding Painting. Five Star Entertainment presents the wedding one-two punch that never fails to entertain: DJ entertainment complemented by Photo Booth.

This formula never fails. There is no need to reinvent the wheel with exotic, untested, and costly approaches that turn your event into a spectacle instead of a party where guests participate.

Participation is key

We believe participation is the key to great wedding receptions. And it takes experienced entertainment professionals, like we offer, to know how to galvanize your guests to participate in all of the fun.

Everything starts with music. We offer a full pallet, which we customize to your tastes. We enhance the music with glorious lighting, again customized to the look and personality of your affair.

Then there’s the equipment. We can bore you to death talking about how cutting edge our professional sound systems are. But you don’t care. All you care about is that sound is controlled, utterly clear, delightfully beautiful. Guests can talk. Dancers can rock. And our DJs know how to get them out onto the dance floor early on to keep your party rocking.

How photo booth works

Here’s where photo booth comes in: After guests get a good workout on the dance floor, they’ll need to catch their breath. Photo booth keeps them on their feet by engaging them in the wild and wacky fun of silly pics they get to take home with them as a memento of the best wedding celebration they’ve ever attended.

Five Star Entertainment provides the props and all the bells and whistles any couple will ever need to throw a party for the ages.

DJ entertainment. Photo booth. THIS is the wedding one-two punch that guarantees the success of YOUR wedding reception. It really is that simple. Do you have a date set yet? Check us out to see if we’re available.