Wedding attire 101

wedding attire

Engaged? Your wedding invitation should clearly convey your preferred dress code.  But not all wedding guests understand what various wedding attire descriptions actually mean. This blogpost provides a quick primer. CASUAL: This is kind of a murky category, because your wedding attire intent may be influenced by your venue and the time of day of…

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How to invite good wedding guests to your wedding

wedding guests

Wedding guests matter to couples planning their wedding. The headline above isn’t focused as much on WHO you invite, but rather HOW your wedding guests should behave at your wedding celebration. The purpose of this blogpost is to provide you with practical information to pass on to your wedding guests to enhance everyone’s experience. Just…

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The power of professionalism

the power of professionalism

The video above showcases the dynamic first wedding dance for the Canadian celebrity couple, Josh and Anna Wolfman. The dance is wildly entertaining, but that’s not what leaps out at us. What does is the power of professionalism. Everything is exquisite. The decorating. The lighting. The music. The attire. The videography. Everything. Yes … and…

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Is a marriage name change in your future?

marriage name change

What does Jennifer Lopez have in common with 88% of married women? She legally changed her name when she married actor Ben Affleck in a much-hyped wedding last year. Despite evolving wedding customs, a marriage name change is still the overwhelming norm. Most couples embrace a marriage name change out of tradition. It’s a legal…

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