The fundamentals of wedding planning

fundamentals of wedding planning

Many couples planning their Fayetteville wedding start in the wrong place in the planning process. Although typical weddings involve over one-thousand decisions, you should focus on the four key fundamentals of wedding planning.


For starters, create a budget. Too many couples nail down a venue before they even know if their overall wedding dreams can afford it.

Guest List

Second, create a ‘must-invite’ guest list. These first two fundamentals actually go hand-in-hand. Guest list size determines your budget, just as your budget determines the size of your guest list.

Guests lists are hard. Your ‘must-invite’ guest list determines your minimum budget. If your resources permit, you’ll be able to invite friends on your ‘B list,’ but first be sure you can accommodate all of your closest families and friends.

The process involves give and take between the couples themselves and often their respective families. Realistically, the person writing checks has a lot of clout. If that’s your parents, be prepared for an additional dose of give and take.

Balance your budget between the ceremony and the reception

Third, balance the competing budget considerations between your ceremony and your reception. Secular and religious weddings share two key elements: the vows and the celebration.

The fundamentals of wedding planning suggest you consider both. If you overindulge on gowns and flowers at the ceremony, you will have to scrimp on your reception. By the same token, your vows are a big deal, the central focus of a wedding. Balance is the key.

One practical way to balance your budget between these competing considerations is to use an experienced wedding DJ like Five Star Entertainment. A DJ costs a half to a third the price of a band. Our DJs are also MCs who know how to pack a dance floor. So even if your budget isn’t big, you and guests will have a great time.

Know your likes and dislikes

Lastly, really think through what you like … and DON’T like at a wedding. You’ve probably been to your fair share of weddings. Let’s face it, the overwhelming majority of weddings have the same elements. But some things just rub people the wrong way, whether it’s the garter toss or ugly brides maids dresses.

The things you don’t like may have an effect on your planning process. Focus on the fundamentals of wedding planning at the outset as you work on bringing your dreams to life.

As readers of this blog know, entertainment makes the event. When people are having fun, they won’t remember if the chicken was dry or the flowers were wilted. They’ll simply remember that they were glad they were there. We know we’d like to be there! Check out our availability today.