Wedding registry advice

wedding registry adviceWedding registries are a marvelous invention, a win-win for couples and their guests. Couples need things setting up a household. Guests want to provide meaningful gifts without duplication. Here is some practical wedding registry advice to optimize your experience.

  • Set up your registry immediately upon becoming engaged. You may have friends and family who want to buy you an engagement gift. The registry helps them find a meaningful gift.
  • Work together as a team. Some grooms don’t like shopping, and yet they’ll have key insights on what their future household needs. Teamwork produces balanced gift-giving. One day you’ll appreciate the right power tool as much as another piece of fine china.
  • Register in 2 to 3 locations. Provide your guests options. They’ll appreciate it, but too many locations makes it harder for them to track.
  • Register for pieces in a broad price range. Don’t only go for the expensive stuff and price some guests out of the market. They’ll appreciate it.
  • Think outside the box. Yes, good china and fine crystal are wonderful registry asks. So are power tools and honeymoons!
  • Refresh your registry from time-to-time. You may think of something new to add to your list a few months after getting engaged. Check back periodically.
  • Be sure to put registry details on your wedding website (but not your wedding invitation!).
  • Over-register the items you need. Take your guest list and double it. That way, your guests have plenty of items at different price ranges from which to browse. If you register too few gift items, they may run out of good options.
  • Think longterm. Your family and lifestyle may grow. Today’s quantities may not be enough tomorrow.

Final wedding registry advice

Finally, write thank-you notes as gifts come in. You’ll lighten the load and avoid a huge project when you return from your honeymoon. Looking for another way to lighten your load? Call Five Star Entertainment for dance-floor-packing entertainment. Our online client planning tools take the stress out of planning your Fayetteville wedding. Check on our availability today without obligation.