How to invite good wedding guests to your wedding

wedding guestsWedding guests matter to couples planning their wedding. The headline above isn’t focused as much on WHO you invite, but rather HOW your wedding guests should behave at your wedding celebration.

The purpose of this blogpost is to provide you with practical information to pass on to your wedding guests to enhance everyone’s experience. Just about everyone wants to honor etiquette at an event as sacred as a wedding. They may simply need a little coaching. So be sure to share this blogpost on your social media platforms.

Don’t dominate the guests of honor

Well-intentioned guests often hang on too long talking to the bride and groom and their parents. It’s certainly understandable. They’re excited about the day and want to catch up on all your future plans. But so does everyone else! When the opportunity for wedding guests arrives to greet the couple, be discreet and gauge your time allotment with them out of respect for the rest of the wedding guests.

Unexpected wedding guests are a no-no

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding understands the need for an exact headcount. Caterers ask for one a week ahead of time. Your venue sets up seating accordingly. So be sure to RSVP, preferably by mail, by the deadline requested. And whatever you do, don’t surprise the couple by bringing uninvited guests. You have no idea how much stress that creates. Well-crafted seating arrangements unravel; budget-strapped couples fret if there’ll be enough food … and money to accommodate interlopers. Don’t do it!

Pay attention

The 21st century has introduced technology to make couple-to-guest communication easier than ever. Websites. Apps. And even good, old-fashioned invitation inserts. Make note of the info the couple provides, because they are already juggling a lot of balls at the same time. Dozens of inquiries on last-minute wedding details can overwhelm them.

Let the the photographer be the photographer

Smart phones have made the problem worse: couples want to take candid pics, even if it is at the expense of the paid professional hired to memorialize the event. Candid pics taken by guest are wonderful things. Most couples relish seeing them. By the same token, though, don’t be so zealous that you hamper the ability of the professional to do his/her job. View the photographer and videographer as your ally, not competitor. The guests of honor will thank-you for it.


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