Who says you can change the order of traditional wedding dances?

traditional wedding dances

The quick answer to the headline is: you. YOU can change the order of traditional wedding dances if that is your wish. Is it a good idea? Maybe, maybe not.

What are the traditional wedding dances most couples request?

  • The couple’s first dance.
  • The Parent’s dance.
  • The anniversary dance.
  • The money dance.

Depending on the culture and family traditions, others may be added, such as the hora circle dance so beloved in Jewish traditions (below).

Here’s what a bride said

The reason we posed the question at the outset is because of a piece that appeared in Brides Magazine. A bride wrote:

“Our emcee hated this, but we did our parent dances before our first dance as a couple. We didn’t want to keep interrupting the night with formal, planned moments, so we entered straight into the traditional hora. Everyone caught their breath as we did (mother/son and father/daughter), and then as my husband and I were finishing our first dance, we were able to invite everyone up to join us on the dance floor. It definitely helped set the party vibe we wanted and let the energy keep building throughout the night.”

The key phrase is “it set the party vibe we wanted.” The wedding is about you, your personality, your style, your traditions. Five Star Entertainment appreciates that, and loves collaborating with our clients to honor and build on their ideas.

Most couples with whom we work prefer to start with the couple’s dance, which seems like an obvious starting point, and build from there.

Most love the parent’s dance.

Many love the anniversary dance.

And some like the money, or dollar dance, as it is also known.

How a money dance works

The latter is particularly popular depending on the culture. The idea is to offer money to the newlyweds for the honor of dancing with them, and as a way to help them financially as they start their new life together.

Here’s a nice tutorial on how it works.

Couples are creative. All kinds of variations pop up, such as the ‘Mom’s Dance’ as demonstrated below to Abba’s legendary song, “Mama Mia.”

Most Fayetteville couples stick with tradition and lead with the couple’s first dance, but that’s up to you. Five Star Entertainment is all about customized entertainment to make your event particularly fun for you and guests. And don’t forget: we can enhance the fun with sumptuous decor lighting and photo booth. Interested? Take a sec to see if we’re available.