A good wedding DJ really does so much more than play music

Fayetteville DJ

Many engaged couples don’t realize all of the things that a good wedding DJ does to ensure and enhance the success of a wedding celebration. Sure, playing great music is part of it, but it’s just a slice of our overall responsibilities. For example, weddings have timelines. A good DJ enforces the timeline so that…

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Who’s the best rock n roll piano player: Elton, Billy, or Jerry Lee?

best rock piano player

With the recent passing of rock n roll legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, friendly arguments are raging on who is the best rock piano player ever? There seems to be but three top candidates: Elton John, Billy Joel, or Jerry Lee Lewis. For younger readers, Jerry Lee Lewis was a contemporary and friend of Elvis Presley,…

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The power of commitment

power of commitment

The word ‘commitment’ means a pledge to do something in the future, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Even more, it’s a binding promise.  The power of commitment is self-evident in every type of human relationship. Writing in the Huffington Post, marriage author, expert, and educator, Debra Macleod, sees the power of commitment when contrasting the…

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More Neil Diamond wedding hits

Neil Diamond wedding hits

We touched on a set of Neil Diamond songs that work well for wedding first dance songs a few weeks ago, but his library of songs is just too deep to leave it at a single blogpost. We need to look at a few more Neil Diamond wedding hits to expand your perspective on this…

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Dazzle with a Shakespeare wedding toast

Shakespeare wedding toast

Most wedding toasts meander endlessly, boring your wedding guests. Many lack structure and a sufficient dose of sentiment. That’s why we blog regularly on ways for you to give a great wedding toast. Here’s another way: turn to the bard with a Shakespeare wedding toast. Is there anyone who ever had a better way with…

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The wedding one-two punch that never fails

coronavirus impact

We continue to scour the national wedding scene for trends. The big trend is to be different. Many couples, especially on the coasts, seek out increasingly exotic ways to entertain their guests. The latest ideas include Fire Shows and Live Wedding Painting. Five Star Entertainment presents the wedding one-two punch that never fails to entertain: DJ…

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The wedding non-trend

wedding non-trend

It’s really fun to read the bridal magazines about the latest wedding trends. Bet you’ve never seen one on the ‘wedding non-trend!’ More on it shortly. The Wedding Forward website points out that “Bridgerton-inspired weddings” are going to be a thing. Did you watch Bridgerton on Netflix? It was a huge hit featuring Prussian blue…

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Pros and cons of backyard weddings

backyard wedding

Weddings have exploded. In the aftermath of the pandemic, couples are scrambling to find venues for their big day. Many impatient couples don’t want to wait eighteen months until the venue of their choice opens up. That’s why a growing number consider backyard weddings. Pros and Cons Availability. Backyard weddings are much easier to schedule,…

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Top Neil Diamond wedding songs

Neil Diamond wedding songs

Neil Diamond’s illustrious career as a singer/songwriter came to an end with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. But he leaves behind a rich legacy of songs that is nothing short of staggering. If you’re contemplating your first dance song, be sure to consider Neil Diamond wedding songs. Diamond’s resumé is impressive:…

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The difference between Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and Jennifer Lopez’s

Queen Elizabeth's wedding

Most people are fascinated by celebrity and royal weddings. We just blogged on Jennifer Lopez’s wedding last week. With the passing of England’s matriarch, it’s fun to take a look at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. What’s the difference between the Queen’s and Ms. Lopez’s wedding? For one, the Queen spent less…

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